What Is Time?

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Book Of Thought and Revelation!, February 14, 2012


Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer" -... (USA)
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This review is from: What is Time: answers Did God Create The Universe (Paperback)

Did you ever think, I mean really think about time. Time is so important to each one of us, everything we do involves around it. Think about that, when we get up and go to bed, when we eat, when we go to work, when we have appointments. But just what is time, when did it start, why is it important? Our author, Gary W. Driver, dives into this subject in this book. However, his intent in writing this was not to particularly explain time, but to show that indeed God did create the Universe.

His topics are as follows: What Is Time? - Past Present,Future - The Beginning Of Time - Eternity And Time - Expanding Universe - Accelerating Universe- Flat Universe - Smoking Gun In Creation -

I know that our author did his best to bring this information down to the average readers ability, and I appreciate that. However, some of the information did go over my head, despite my desperate desire to understand. This is not to belittle this work because I definitely saw that the author took every step he could to make this information understandable to the reader. Now, you may be wondering did I understand enough to conclude that indeed God did create the Universe? Yes I did. Author, Gary Driver, definitely brings that point home. This is an informative book especially for those who like to dig into Universal questions. It will give your mind much thought and answer many questions. Well done and a work that has been too long in coming. A real thought provoking read, one you will not soon forget.

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