Donnybrook: A Novel

By | January 3, 2019
Donnybrook: A Novel Author Frank Bill
ISBN-10 0374532893
ISBN-13 9780374532895
Year 2013-03-05
Pages 256
Language English
Publisher FSG Originals
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The raw and as insane as anticipated first novel from Frank Bill author of Crimes in Southern IndianaThe Donnybrook is a three day bare knuckle tournament held on a thousand acre plot out in the sticks of southern Indiana Twenty fighters One wire fence ring Fight until only one man is left standing while a rowdy festival of onlookersdrunk and high on whatever s on offerbet on the fighters Jarhead is a desperate man who d do just about anything to feed his children He s also the toughest fighter in southeastern Kentucky and he s convinced that his ticket to a better life is one last fight with a cash prize so big it ll solve all his problems Meanwhile there s Chainsaw Angusan undefeated master fighter who isn t too keen on getting his face punched anymore so he and his sister Liz have started cooking meth And they get in deep So deep that Liz wants it all for herself and she might just be ready to kill her brother for it One more showdown to take place at the Donnybrook As we travel through the backwoods to get to the Donnybrook we meet a cast of nasty ruined characters driven to all sorts of evil all in the name of getting their fixdrugs violence sex money honor Donnybrook is exactly the fearless explosive amphetamine fueled journey you d expect from Frank Bill s first novel and then some

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