Superman: Lois and Clark

By | February 7, 2018
Superman: Lois and Clark Author Dan Jurgens
ISBN-10 140126249X
ISBN-13 9781401262495
Year 2016-09-06
Pages 208
Language English
Publisher DC Comics
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In this prelude to DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH the Superman and Lois Lane of the pre New 52 DC Universe return in SUPERMAN LOIS AND CLARK from the creative team of Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks They were the first couple of truth and justice the Man of Steel and the tough as nails reporter who was the love of his life Then came the Flashpointthe Convergenceand their world was wiped from reality replaced with the New 52 worlds that make up the Multiverse Now Lois and Clark as well as their young son Jonathan have been transported to an Earth much like the one they left behind yet radically different An Earth with familiar heroes familiar faces familiar names but entirely different ages and attitudes An Earth with its own Lois Lane its own Clark Kentits own Superman An Earth where Superman is distrustedand where two Supermen could cause a disaster For years theyve stayed below the radar with Clark fighting evil under the cover of darkness and Lois crusading against crime as an anonymous journalist But now all their secrets are about to be exposed to a world far harsher than the one they left behindand Jonathan is caught in the crossfire Now only one question remains Has the time come for the original Man of Tomorrow to reveal himself Collects SUPERMAN LOIS AND CLARK 1 8

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