The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life

By | November 22, 2018
The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life Author Hilaria Baldwin
ISBN-10 1623366984
ISBN-13 9781623366988
Year 2016-12-27
Pages 272
Language English
Publisher Rodale Books
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Hilaria Baldwin knows what it means to be pulled in many directionsas a mother of three businesswoman yoga instructor Instagram sensation and wife of actor Alec Baldwin she has to work hard to remain centered Through her life experiences struggles and personal growth Hilaria has developed a method for using movement and mindfulness to create an unbreakable mind body connection an illuminating method that shapes her life The Living Clearly Method shows how to blend purposeful movement with conscious breath to move through our lives with grace calm and positivity By using Hilarias five simple principlesPerspective Breathing Grounding Balance and Letting Goyou can flow through any situation with the beautiful union of mind body and spirit that a yoga practice can create But learning to honor the body and listen to the soul does not end when you get off the mat Hilaria believes strongly in finding ways to integrate the five principles into your entire life so for each step she also shares her own routines that keep her active all the timefrom the little motions that engage her body during household chores and the foods that keep her well nourished to the philosophy that grounds her when shes being pulled in a million directions at once This book is also packed with practical tools such as timesaving tips delicious recipes inspired by clean and plant based eating mini workouts that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life breathing exercises and customized yoga and meditation routines The Living Clearly Method teaches you to listen to your body tune in to your mind and develop the consciousness to clear your head and find peace in your life It is a beautiful intuitive guide for living the healthiest life possible both inside and out

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