The Joy of Mathematics

The Joy of Mathematics

Book Title: The Joy of Mathematics

Author: Theoni Pappas

Format: Paperback | 256 pages

Publication Date: 23 Jan 1993

ISBN-13: 9780933174658

Part of the joy of mathematics is that it is everywhere-in soap bubbles, electricity, da Vinci's masterpieces, even in an ocean wave. Written by the well-known mathematics teacher consultant, this volume's collection of over 200 clearly illustrated mathematical ideas, concepts, puzzles, and games shows where they turn up in the "real" world. You'll find out what a googol is, visit hotel infinity, read a thorny logic problem that was stumping them back in the 8th century.

THE JOY OF MATHEMATICS is designed to be opened at random it's mini essays are self-contained providing the reader with an enjoyable way to explore and experience mathematics at its best.